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The Main Mix
In audio engineering, the main mix is the combination of all the instruments, vocals, and accent sounds that are reproduced and heard by a listening audience. As a music retailer, our name suggests the broad inventory selection we make available to our customers. However, it also conveys a deeper meaning: In order to grow the music industry in the Wabash Valley, we must teach our customers to be a bigger part of the local music community by volunteering, advocating and promoting the importance of music, especially to the youth - they are our future!

First, and foremost: our Mission is to provide the latest and greatest gear at the most competitive prices to the Terre Haute music community. But, more importantly, we have to stimulate the music industry in the Wabash Valley. Our main strategy is to concentrate on the wants and needs of the youth. That being said, our Vision is for there to be an instrument of any capacity in the hands of every child in Terre Haute, no matter the source. With the help of every musician realizing their capacity as a component of The Main Mix, we can transform the culture and community of Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley into the beautiful soundtrack we want it to be!

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