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ModTone MT-POWP Power Plant 1.3 Isolated Power Supply

ModTone MT-POWP Power Plant 1.3 Isolated Power Supply

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The ModTone Power Plant 1.3 is quite literally the heart of your effects engine. The ModTone Power Plant features a Toroidal transformer producing 8 outputs of isolated, silent power. Isolated power means each output has their own individual ground, eliminating ground loops and keeping your rig silent. Add to that the ability to power multiple voltages, currents, and an additional courtesy outlet and you've got the most user-friendly power supply on the market!

The ModTone power plant offers 7 isolated outputs:
  • 1-5 switch between 9 and 12 volts dc. 
  • Channels 6-7 are sag channels that can be set between 4 and 9 volts dc. 
  • Channels can be combined for higher voltage needs. 
  • Channels 1-5 are 100 ma, 6-7 are 200 ma. 
The new power plant 1.3 offers one 9-volt ac outlet that puts out 1.3 amps. Dip switches located on the back correspond to the channels on the front and allow you to select either 9 or 12-volts. Hear what your rig is supposed to sound like!

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